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Shihan Dan Nolan

Shihan Dan Nolan (Head Instructor)

  • Shihan Dan Nolan is the head instructor of Juko-Kai Dallas Karate & Jujitsu Academy, and has been actively practicing martial arts for 37 years, and teaching for the last 20 years.  He holds senior master-level degrees in several Okinawan and Japanese traditional system, including Karate and Jujitsu. Dan has many years of experience teaching students of all ranks, from beginner to advanced, helping students achieve their goals through physical conditioning and proper technique. He places special attention on proper breathing techniques, which cannot be underestimated for power, protection, and overall good health.


  • In his spare time, Dan enjoys golfing, yoga, hiking, reading and traveling.
  • Shihan Nolan’s Ranks:
    • 6th Dan – Juko-ryu Jujutsu
    • 5th Dan – Toide Aiki-jujutsu
    • 5th Dan – Shorin-ryu Karate-jutsu / Kobu-jutsu
    • 5th Dan – Juko-ryu Toho (Samurai Sword)
    • 5th Dan – Juko-ryu Ki-jutsu


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About Us

Juko-Kai Dallas Karate & Jujitsu Academy – Since we’ve opened, we’ve been dedicated to changing the lives of people one person at a time, through martial arts, education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members. We take pride in creating an environment for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.

We strongly believe that martial arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels. Throughout all of our programs, students will not only learn the necessary skill sets to protect themselves, we stand behind our realistic and practical approach, confident it will enable every member to achieve greatness and live their best life..

About Us

Juko-Kai Shorin-ryu Karate – Today, almost all Karate is classified as a sport. Juko-Kai is one of the few organizations that teaches the empty-hand art as a Karatejutsu method (non-sport for the sole purpose of self-defense). Juko-Kai Karatejutsu is a total martial art that contains traditional Shorin-ryu Karate, Toide (grappling arts), and Kobudo (Okinawan weapons).

About Us

Juko-ryu Jujutsu – Juko-ryu Jujutsu is our simple body contact method of combat Jujutsu. It contains the throws most commonly associated with old-style Jujutsu and from which modern day Judo originated. It is a highly effective, close-in fighting art that requires a Kempo (hard-fist or foot) technique prior to the actual throw, lock, sweep, reap, break, etc.

About Us

Juko-ryu Toho (Samurai Sword) – Juko-Kai has a very special closed sword division identified as Juko-ryu Aiki Inyo Toho (soft-hard coordinated mind-body-balance sword art). Juko-ryu Aiki Inyo Toho is broken down into three categories which are Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu, and Battojutsu.
– Our practitioners are taught extensive sword etiquette, sword ukemi (breakfalls with the blade both drawn and sheathed), kata, the drawing and sheathing of the blade, formal cuts, the unarmed taking of the blade, the blade against other major weapons, and all else that is found in the traditional Japanese sword arts.